Understanding LED Light Therapy

Apr 14 , 2020

Understanding LED Light Therapy

Overview: Led Light Therapy

The face care industry is booming due to the growth in consumers. If you take an individual product such as a facial foundation, it is has accounted for sales of over 940$ million in The United States alone. In this day of age, as time goes on, everything around us gets increasingly expensive. It is best to cut costs wherever we can. However, we cannot ignore the health maintenance of our skin.

LED light therapy in the form of masks is a great way to treat your skin in the comfort of your home. This single device contains many anti-aging properties that nourish your skin, making it easy to maintain your skin at home, consistently.

About Is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy is a skincare device that works on treating the skin using varying wavelengths of light. Initially, NASA implemented LED lights. NASA used light treatments to grow their plants in outer space. Through observation, NASA found out that using lights that vary in wavelengths differed the growth of the plants.

Later research conducted by NASA scientists, results showed that specific wavelengths of lights could be used as a form of triggering responses in the skin. They came to the conclusion that the different lights attributed to the development of different anti-aging processes.

Different Wavelengths Of Light And Their Anti-Aging Properties

There are the most common lights that are usually implemented in LED Face Masks that incorporate light therapy for skin.

Red Light Therapy: 

Red light therapy specializes in the repair of fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face. Red light therapy is also used for other deep-tissue skin treatments.

Green Light Therapy:

If you are a patient who suffers from an imbalance in melanin, green light therapy is the one for you. Green light therapy helps even your skin tone and also aids with maintaining skin tone consistency.

Blue Light Therapy: 

Acnes such as blackheads can be treated using blue light therapy as it boosts anti-inflammatory properties in the skin.

Purple Light Therapy:

Exfoliation is the process of opening your pores to clean them. However, leaving your pores can cause dirt and other impurities to get trapped within them. Purper Light therapy shrinks pores, and it is excellent for post exfoliation routines.

Yellow Light Therapy: 

People with oily skin often suffer from intense acne formation as the excess sebum gets trapped beneath the surface of their skin. Treating oily skin with yellow light is a great way to control the natural oils that are excreted by the skin.

Cyan Light Therapy: 

Cyan is a similar wavelength to blue and is also used to treat acne due to the anti-inflammatory properties it triggers in the skin. Cyan light therapy can sometimes be more effective in certain skin types where blue light therapy falls behind.

Laser Light Therapy: 

Laser light therapy emits low-level laser beams that are soothing and help the skin and facial muscles relax. If you are looking for a way to release your stress and muscle tension outside the spa, laser light therapy is for you.

Safety Concerns Regarding LED Light Therapy

Regardless of the anti-aging properties that can be attained from light therapy, many people steer clear of those treatments. However, LED Light therapy is safe as it is a LED that is a light source that does not emit ultraviolet rays that cause significant harm to the skin.

LED light therapy masks are, in fact, safer than most anti-aging skincare devices and treatments as they are gentle and do not cause any burns. Led light therapy masks are safe for all skin types to use. 

However, you mustn't use LED light therapy masks in unison with treatments that contain Accutane as it could cause the chemical composition to mutate. The side effects of using LED light therapy masks are rare and only occur when misused. The side effects include increased inflammation, redness, and rashes.

Convenience Factors Of The LED Face Mask

Spa treatments are time-consuming and leave a dent in our wallets; thus, we go there on one a week or a few times per month. With the help of LED light face masks, you can treat your skin in the comfort of your home at your convenience.

Efficiency Factors Of The LED Face Mask

LED Face masks are incredibly useful when used by a professional device. During the 1990s, The Navy Seals used light therapy to heal wounds faster and for its other healing properties. However, the LED face masks that are commercially available will only show results after periodic and proper use. It is best when paired with another anti-aging treatment.

The Take-Away

LED light therapy masks are an invention of science, and yet again, through technology, our lives have been made easier. Skincare can be tedious at times and, at times, expensive, but with a LED light therapy mask, you can treat most skin ailments in the comfort of your home

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