The Truths Behind Jade Rolling, How it Works And Is It A Treatment For You

Apr 02 , 2018

The Truths Behind Jade Rolling, How it Works And Is It A Treatment For You

“Wear your skin proudly” they say. But we all come to a point of insecurity and self-doubt, most especially when age comes to play. This is an undisputed fact.

Many of us put in a lot of effort to find a fountain of youth from the gazillion of skin care products available at stores today. Because of the unimaginable amount of items out there, we tend to experiment by using each one of them until we finally find what would really work out for us. The con? The more our skin goes off course from using harsh, chemical-based products.

It’s scary, right? But among the thousands of skin care regimen being advertised, there’s one that I can say is obviously natural and not harmful. Talk about using a precious, genuine crystal on your face!


Jade rolling has become a “big thing” in the world of beautifying. While some probably haven’t heard of it before, people like me, who went an extra mile to search for the best regimen to restore youth, surely came across with this treatment. And just like other beauty products, jade rollers claim to effectively improve your looks over time.

So skeptical people are here again, coming up with clichés like: “Is it a legit beauty product? Is it effective? How does it work?” and so on. To end this long, winding road of finding out what jade rolling for skin care can do, here are answers I wish to impart from my very own experience and some important researches.


What is Jade Rolling? 

The use of jade rollers has a centuries-long history. Using its “power” to draw out negative chi has been a long-guarded treasure by the Chinese royalties. But apart from the spiritual effect of dispelling energy, jade rollers have had many practical uses in the medical world of the ancient times.

In the realm of crystal healing, jade crystals were associated in balancing the chi or what the Chinese believe to be the body’s energetic life force. Chinese medicine states that a number of physical and mental anxiety, fatigue and pain suggest that the chi may be out of whack. Acupuncture and jade rolling have been used as remedies to these along with eating healthy foods, exercising and proper resting.

So how did it become the new generation’s sought-after beauty regimen? Moving the crystal across the facial muscles has been found out to increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and lessen the appearance of fine lines. And like other facial massages, this practice is said to help skin care products penetrate more deeply into the skin.

As I enter my 30s, one of my friends suggested to get a jade roller. She swore that it would brighten my complexion and chase away my fine lines, and that after using it for at least a week, I will already see visible results that no other beauty products can deliver. I happen to find the reviews of the Krasr Jade Roller quite convincing and so I ordered one.

Observing what it does to my skin, I really felt my skin eased from tensions. A lot of users said they lost their wrinkles around their eyes and forehead. I have a problem of forming ugly bags under my eyes and heavy lines of aging around my eyes so this is where I focused.

Using the roller for several days, I did notice that these kinks were finally ironed out. My eyes are free of puffiness and they look more alive than ever. While some doctors can’t imagine how jade can deliver physical benefits, I guess, the results should speak to the efficacy of the power of this crystal.

The Benefits

Jade rolling for skin care actually acts as a facial massage. As already mentioned, it boosts blood circulation on the face. Experts added that it tones the facial muscles, flushes out toxins when used with serum, and it can even stimulate collagen production.

Also, it revitalizes the flow of lymph and by draining excess fluid, you will see how it uplifts the cheekbones, tones the face and de-puff your eyes. It will tighten sagging skin, smoothen out fine lines, diminish dark under eye circles and increase cell turnover.

Are All Jade Rollers The Same?

Because of it being in demand, a lot of beauty brands lunched their own jade rollers. But not all rollers are created equal. Like any other products you will find fakes that are made of plastic and contain harsh dyes.

So you have to know when a roller is fake or legit. An authentic jade will always feel cool to touch.

Most rollers have the same design. There’s a big stone for large areas of the face and the small stone at the other end of the stick to work on your delicate and smaller areas like the eye region. My Krasr Jade Roller is so loveable as it has a nice design and the crystals don’t fall off when massaging unlike other brands, as I have read.

Ways on How You Can to Use Jade Rollers

There’s actually various ways on how I use my jade roller. Experts present several techniques depending on skin concerns. I use mine after cooling the roller for a couple of minutes (for a nicer and more relaxing feel) and after I apply moisturizer on my face.

However, I found out that using serum or essential oils might be more beneficial. Argan oil and rose hip oil are some of the essential oils found out to help aid in aging skin that tends to be prone to wrinkles and sagging. Lavender and Frankincense are also great in nourishing aging skin.

Apply Serum, Moisturizer or Essential Oil Aimed to Aid in Resolving Skin Aging

And don’t forget to clean your face before anything else!

A general advice on using the roller is to move it from the center moving upward and outward the face. This pattern will help lift sagging skin. And to enhance its performance in resolving different issues, you can do the following:

Source: Screenshot via Youtube

Apply a little pressure and start from the center of the face moving outwards


For Plumping, De-Puffing and Toning the Cheekbones

Using the Krasr Jade Roller, move the crystal towards the outer edge of the face, then down the neck, before working way in. Do this technique consistently, day and night.

For Fine Lines and Sagging Skin

Use the Krasr Jade Roller along with serum or essential oils. This will move stagnant lymph and relieve the stress patterns held in the muscles of the face, making it tighter. It will also distribute pressure to smoothen out the lines.

For Puffy Eyes and Dark Under-Eye Circles

Use the smaller crystal first thing in the morning, straight out of the fridge. This gives an extra cooling and blood vessel–constricting result. Move the roller from the lower part of your under-eye to the upper and outward.

For Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or Jaw Clenching Pain

Use the smaller stone to work knots out above and below the jawline. Start from the chin moving out toward the ear and then down the neck.

Although not scientifically proven, jade rolling indeed delivers obvious results and positive benefits. All this from a natural, healing stone and a 5-10 minute daily ritual!

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