Skincare Products and Routine For Healthy Glowing Skin

Apr 12 , 2018

Skincare Products and Routine For Healthy Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

One painful realization we probably all have about beauty is that our skin deteriorates as we age.

As much as we would love to keep our smooth baby skin, blemishes develop and fine lines appear as we age. This is why it's important to take care of our skin.

Skincare is usually a holistic continuous process. Sometimes it even requires a change in lifestyle. One of the most crucial parts of it is choosing skin care products that will effectively work for your skin.


Daily skin care

If you're going to have a skin care regimen, you'll have to commit to using selected but effective products on a daily basis.

Here are three products to use for everyday skin care:

Cleanser - This is used to deeply cleanse your skin, to get rid of dirt and makeup on your face. It effectively dissolves unwanted elements in the pores and preventing it from getting clogged so as to prevent acne. Think of it as a layer of protection on your skin against acne. Some cleansers can also correct the PH imbalance of your skin, commonly caused by aging and diet

Toner - Toner is a lot similar to cleanser in a way that it also cleanses the pores. But aside from that, it also repairs and hydrates your skin with each use. Toners available in the market today have varied ingredients and effects on the skin. This is why dermatologists recommend using toners that are alcohol-free as they typically get the job done without the side effects of irritation on the skin etc.

Moisturizers - These skin care products keep moisture in the stratum corneum, the topmost part of the epidermis. It prevents formation and reduces the appearance of blemishes and revitalizes the skin to keep it looking young. It's also famous for its anti-aging benefits, by preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Bonus tip: When applying products on your face, try not to rub them on the surface of the skin. Try patting the product in instead. While it has not been proven to help in product absorption of creams and oils, patting has been confirmed to reduce irritation from an unintentional rubbing of the skin.


Weekly skin care

There are other skin care practices that you also need to do a few times a week to keep your skin healthy.

Here are some recommended practices for weekly skin care routine:

Exfoliate - Exfoliation is basically the removal of dead skin cells in the outermost part of the skin. Dead skin cells make the face look dull and dry. By exfoliating, you decrease the likelihood of having clogged pores which usually results in acne, and you get to keep your face looking smooth and glowing. Exfoliation should be done twice a week at most.

There are many ways to exfoliate the face. You can use a konjac sponge, salts, and grains, or peels. But if you prefer manually getting into the pores to remove blemishes and dead skin cells, using a  microdermabrasion tool, such as the Comedo Microdermabrasion machine will work best.

Steam - Among all these skin care tips, steaming is probably one that feels most relaxing to the skin. Steaming opens up the pores, softens dead skin cells, oil and dirt, and promotes proper blood circulation on the face.

Steaming is best done before microdermabrasion as it makes the oil and grime easier to remove. It also works effectively before putting on moisturizer as it allows the product to be absorbed better by the skin. To make steaming easier and faster, you can use the 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer.

Masks - There are many types of facial masks for your face. As cited by She Knows, the most popular types of masks are clay masks, peel-off masks, sheet masks, cream masks, thermal masks, warm oil masks. Each of these has their specific function on the skin, but they generally work by moisturizing the skin and unclog the pores. Upon removal, they should make your skin feel smooth and soft.

If there is one major take away from this article, it is that skin care often demands commitment and self-awareness. But if you're still clueless about how to come up with a personal skin care regimen, using the products mentioned above can be a great way to start.

Test it out and see what you like and what works for your skin.

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