LED Photon Facial Mask Review

Oct 10 , 2018

LED Photon Facial Mask Review

LED Photon Facial Mask

Is there anything we won't do to preserve a youthful complexion and healthy looking skin? If the millions of facial creams and products on the market are any indication, this is a very important part of life for many people. Along with creams, there are also targeted treatments such as light therapy, or as we will discuss here LED photon facial masks.

What is it?

For individuals not interested in keeping up with the Kardashians, LED light therapy may be an entirely foreign concept. An LED facial mask uses light emitting diodes (LED) to treat the skin for multiple issues including severe acne and fine lines.

How would shining a few lights on your face achieve any of these goals? You have to understand how UV lights affect the skin. You see, different color lights have different wavelengths, which means they penetrate your skin at different depths.

Masks and spa treatments can utilize multiple colors including:

Cyan- Acne

Blue- calms inflammation

Red- fine lines

Green- skin tone

Yellow- Reduce oil

Purple- shrinks pores

Laser- smooth and calm


Does it Work?

Does this process actually work or is it just the latest “magic” treatment to hit the market? The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Multiple high profile clients swear by these types of light treatment and pay top dollar for as little as 20 minutes in a mask!

Krasr Photon Mask

Could this be the next best thing in your beauty regimen? If you are not ready to fork out $350 for an in-house treatment but would love to address your skin issues with an LED photon facial mask, you are in luck! Krasr offers a high end LED facial mask at a price point far below the expensive salons and spas.

Rather than having to set up appointments and shell out big money, you can now treat troublesome acne, fine lines, dull skin tones and much more with this facial mask.


When it comes to UV light, many people are concerned about the long-term effects, particularly since they equate this with public enemy number one - the tanning bed. You will be happy to learn these LED Photon facial mask treatments are utilized to stimulate collagen production and destroy bacteria on the skin while tanning beds are designed to stimulate melanin production, which darkens the skin.

Final thoughts? LED facial mask therapy is safe and thanks to products from Krasr, they are now available to the general public at an affordable price point.

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